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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  November 25, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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i like to know what's happening as soon as it happens. who won the game, who won on the dancing show... ...i mean, if i watched that show. same with my banking. with my bank of america mobile banking app, i can see my accounts all in one place. i can easily manage them and if something doesn't look right, i'm going to know. plus, i can set up alerts to help detect unusual activity. so i feel secure. wait, he won? that's an average tango... at best. an update to breaking news. screams from a valley movie theater over fears someone had a gun. >> this is in happy valley those concerns prompting that theater to be evacuated. police not taking chances. no gun was found. cops say there was a man acting erratically. they have that 44-year-old in custody right now. most importantly nobody was hurt.
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quick explanation. what this man is doing at a walgreens today near dobson and chandler. he approaches the pharmacy counter and one witness urges people to leave immediately. >> this is what i ask. >> those are all i have available. there's ten tablets each otherwise i have to wait five minutes. >> the man can be heard asking for an opiate the pharmacist telling him he needed more time. soon after the guy takes off. police say he did not have a gun. they're considering this a theft not an armed robbery. they are looking for him. phoenix firefighters mourning the death of a beloved captain. a veteran firefighter who died today in an atv accident. jon erickson live at his fire station tonight. and jon, how are his fellow
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make no mistake they're getting to work. getting on the road to be by their fallen friend's side and doing all they can for his family. >> a family man and a fireman. phoenix fire captain chris killed in an atv accident. captain pj dean was his friend and a fellow firefighter. >> there's exceptional people in this world and then there's chris. he was a level above the most classify a human being with. >> very few details available right now. dean says he was an avid outdoorsman and was with friends when the atv killed him. he says it's now the fire department's job to help his family. >> a loss like this under such tragic circumstances in the middle of the holidays is an unspeakable tragedy for us. >> there is a go fund me page
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we have a link to that page at back to you. >> that's a tough loss. thankses so much. -- thanks so much. we don't call them accidents for a reason. >> a truck driver hit and killed a trooper on i-25. they believe the crash was entirely preventable. that driver now in custody. the trooper identified as cody don hue >> oh. oh. >> that's my baby. >> as an all out street fight caught on video. wait until you hear the reason behind it. a turkey dinner. a man posting this video on facebook saying these two guys were going at it near 27th and indian school. he says the man in the striped shirt was trying to steal the meal. we reached out to police to see
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they did not. she went the wrong way on i- 10. the focus isn't how to keep cars from taking wrong turns it's about whether she should have been driving at all. nohelani graf joining us. >> steve, he says that that crash should be a reminder to all of us when we're on the road we're in this together. sober drivers will help ensure that you only see taillights not head lights coming at you. it's a simple act we take fb granted every day. focussing -- we take for granted every day. focussing on the destination. not what could happen on the way there. >> for jordan it was black friday shopping. he went late to miss the crowds. >> never thinking that i'd be playing chicken with another carton the freeway at the high rate -- with another car on the
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speed. >> are those hetlights? >> he -- headlights? >> he called 911. it's not until they get home they see the news. that car near unrecognizable now crashed into a bus full of people. >> thank god that i'm still here. my friends are still here. it could have ended differently. >> for sarah castillo-cornejo that was the end. dps thinks she's been drinking. >> we want to apologize to anyone hurt in the accident. our greatest sympathy goes out to you. >> her family left to sort through the loss. she was a young mother and cortez learns they share mu chul friends. >> -- mu chul friends. >> it's a tragedy. >> so, you see, the sign right there drive hammered get nailed.
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screen back for a few days. they have a message to add on to that. they say it is the responsibility of all drivers to help keep the roads safe and you have to find a designated driver at all costs. now back to you. taking action is the motto we live by as a station. because it resembles our community so much. >> taking action is what so many of you have done for an mcso deputy and his wife hi a car after leaving their date night in cave creek. $15,000 raised online in ten hours. nick shrey trying to recover from serious injuries. his wife elizabeth will have receive rage surgeries. she's a devoted public ser vant. >> she's the -- servant. >> she's a principal. friends and family taking donations. search for their names on go fund me. a crime alert caught on
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rummages through a phoenix woman's car. neighbors say he's hit several people near 35th and thunderbird even letting family dogs out of yards. one woman's dog was hit by a car. >> seeing the timeline together and every time my dogs get out it turns out to be that there's a break-in in the neighborhood. it's saddening that people don't have that respect anymore that they used to have. >> if you recognize this video call phoenix police. you've probably heard of air traffic control towers but what about shopping control towers. peoria police keeping you safe this holiday season. you can see the units set up at the target near bell and loop 101. two officers inside keeping an eye on everything down below. some of the custers we spoke to -- customers we spoke to telling us they like it.
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they wait for women to get out and put their purses in the trunk. you got to pay attention to what's going on around you. >> they plan to move the unit around the city throughout the shopping season. first responders in goodyear credited with saving a life. a viewer said he saw an officer on thanksgiving stake a man who wasn't breathing out of his car at the wal-mart near i-10. he did chest compressions until he thinks the man worked at the wal-mart. police not confirming all the details. only saying they did help an unconscious person. big weather changes this weekend. laura thomas tracking it all. winter storm watch. >> that's right. that will go in effect for the higher terrain for the weekend. outside tonight though pretty nice. all quiet. mostly clear conditions. sitting at 64.
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cooling down quickly tonight. heading to those 50s. not quite as cold as this morning. high clouds continuing to move in. we've been tracking these the last several hours. no showers or storms with these. storm system back to the northwest. does bring in the chance for snow and rain. winter storm watches out more on this coming up in minutes. a $20,000 reward announced tonight to get two california fugitives back they made a break for it by cutting the bars in the windows and then used a bed sheet to shimmy down to the ground. those inside this gilbert home spending their black friday salvaging what they can rather than shopping for something new. this near cooper and guadalupe. it meant losing the gifts for his daughter's birthday inside. gary says gilbert police and fire not only braved the flames they braved the stores to get
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>> i'm sure every one of them have children and know how important it is. that really touched me. >> he still has the pick up the piece -- to pick up the pieces though. he did not have renter's insurance. it's expected to be on a lot of wish lists. drones continue to gain in popularity. tempe looking to change the rule on -- rules on where you can fly them. a proposal next thursday will be hands are tied due to state law but they want to ban launching or landing in state parks or reserves. they want to address concerns about recording on private property as well. forced to resign. he's not holding back. until this week tim jeff reese was the head of des the agency providing vital resources for arizona families.
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now a picture of him smoking a cigar and various quotes. happening now. police asking for your individual lens and for your -- vigilance and for your tips. they saw alton taylor force a woman into his car yesterday near 35th and thomas. she has been found safe. he is on the run. he's driving a red chevy similar to this one. arizona if you see taylor call 480- witness and you could get a reward. it's hardly ever easy bearing the badge. an investigation underway tonight after a tucson offer says he was -- officer says he was forced to shoot and killed a -- kill a man. he tried pepper spray and a stun gun. when the man kept attacking he shot him. so much wrong with this picture.
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that driver's seat. robert loudon refused to stop his truck when police tried to pull him over. at one point he was going the wrong way down gantzel road. when we showed up his truck got towed away and he got towed away to jail. a teen getting cancer treatment. his iv sabotaged. one on one with a black bear. half. how this woman survived. two valley brothers
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because an open road is always calling your name. because life is sweet. because every moment counts. midfirst bank will always be true to your money -
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midfirst bank. true to your money. bruised and battered but a survivor. new tonight we're hearing from a woman who just made it through a bear attack. it's the first one ever on record in maryland. the protective 200-pound mama
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>> when she put her paw on my back there was no way i was going anywhere. she had me down. >> in-between attacks osbourne called 911 certain she was about to die. but officers shot the bear and sthe survived. she doesn't -- and she survived. she doesn't know how long recovery will take. if you haven't heard about the situation in standing rock north dakota you a professor just returning. he teaches native american politics. he wanted to pitch in in some sort of way because he believes it's a cause worth fighting for. thousands gathered at standing rock trying to stop construction of a massive oil pipeline. they're concerned it will destroy tribal lands and contaminate drinking water. the army corp of engineers
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december 5th. new pictures tonight as flowers and gifts left for florence henderson at her star on the hollywood walk of fame. best known for playing carol brady on the brady bunch she passed away last night at the age of 82. a couple years ago our own craig fouhy interviewed her on dancing with the stars. >> i just learned a lot about myself it's like to work as a team. >> her publicist says she suffered heart failure. a funeral date has not been announced. a mom needing help from a lawyer. she admits to putting feces in her son's iv while he was getting cancer treatment. nurses moved the teen into a room with surveillance cameras. she said she tampered with it
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medical treatment. the teen got so sick that doctors say he likely missed his chance to recover from leukemia. former green party presidential nominee jill stein requesting a recount in wisconsin and promising to do the same thing in michigan and pennsylvania. no evidence that they were tampered with but stein says it's to ensure the integrity. donald trump's team questions about the recounts. they're focused on filling cabinet positions. we've seen the holiday toy crazes in the past cabbage patch dolls, elmo. this year it's hatchables. these glendale brothers making a killing in their unlikely investment. mic and stan spent -- mike and
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christmas. >> we made the decision to try to buy every hashable that we saw. and a -- hatchable that we saw. and a lot of our family called us stupid. we've made a lot of stupid decisions. but not this time sflchlt they paid $-- time. they paid $50 for each but now they're selling for $250 each. they plan to give away three to needy families. another holiday craze? finding a furry friend to add to the family. the arizona humane society waiving adoption fees from black friday to cyber monday. there was a line all day. some waiting more than two hours in hopes of bringing home a new pet. >> i saw a dog that we thought was super cute. her name is ruby. we're close to being able to meet her.
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>> fees range from $20 to $500. look at that cute face. outside today the low 80s. ten degrees where we should be this time of year. big changes headed our way as we head to the weekend. temperatures valley wide 50s tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon cooler but above average. 77 in tempe. and mid-70s in goodyear. that ahead of moving in on sunday. satellite radar composite a n again -- composite again quiet. a storm system back to the northwest bringing these big changes as we get into the sunday forecast. look at futurecast to put this into motion. that ridge of high pressure to the east over texas as we continue to track this system down at the california coast. you can see some rain showers. snow from the higher elevated areas on saturday there.
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get into sunday more clouds, wind, and a big drop in temperatures on the way. here's how it maps out. clouds and breezes increasing tomorrow. cold front arriving on sunday. that's when we'll see the best chance for rain. not a washout in the valley. light rain at best. maybe a quarter of an inch at the heaviest fronts. many of us seeing just a trace. coverage around 50% and cr monday morning. next week looking quiet as we dry out quickly as the storm system moves out. a winter storm watch goes into effect sunday across the higher terrain. flagstaff to payson and the white mowns. 7500 feet -- mountains. 7500 feet that's where the snow will be. and by monday 4500 feet.
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higher four to eight inchesch watch for driving conditions across the higher terrain as we go through the weekend. something to keep in mind if you're traveling. some strong wind gusts tomorrow night near 30 miles per hour and stronger for the north near 40 miles per hour. 26 right now in flagstaff. 50 in sedona. lows tonight 20s and teens for window rock. highs tomorrow in the 50s. 70s west and upper 70s here. that ahead of the cold front that brings 60s by sunday. wind, chance of rain, best chance sunday evening through monday morning. 60s all next week. we don't talk about the game. we're not talking about the game for the asu people. i'm trying to remain a neutral party. >> you're in the blue. >> in the desert and you can toss out the records and yeah.
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>> the 90th territorial cup with the sun devils looking to be bowl eligible. the wildcats playing the role of spoiler. brandon dawkins with a 70-yard touchdown catch about a minute in. seven minutes later a wildcat fumble. runs 4 # yards to tie the game at 7-7. arizona reels off three straight touchdowns including a 64-yard pass. that miss as gets run over on the -- arizona run over on the sidelines. she's okay. in the fourth quarter just starting with the wildcats up 42-28. the fifth ranked washington huskies taking on 23rd ranked washington state in pullman. the huskies jump out to a 25- point half-time lead.
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thigh get their 11th -- they get their 11th win of the season. some great college football on abc starting tomorrow at 10:00. third ranked michigan takes on number two ohio state at the horseshoe. followed by notre dame and then florida state at 6:00. phoenix suns looking for the sixth win of the season. one highlight with minnesota in town honoring the memory of chris. the t-wolves 31-10. phoenix's 12th loss of the season. the suns host the nuggets sunday. looking for win number seven hosting the oilers in glendale. a 2-1 lead for the oilers. shane ties the score with the second goal of the season. the coyotes pull off a 3-2 win in the extra period. >> wow. getting up at like 7:00 tomorrow morning. big big day.
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>> we're going to put him to work. a devil of a message. hear from the student who helped create it and what the this is my park. i'm like the mayor here. i know every bench, every tree, every squirrel -- -hey, what's up, andy. -andy: hey! same with my banking. with my bank of america mobile banking app, i can see my accounts all in one place. i can easily manage them and if something doesn't look right, i'm going to know. plus, i can set up alerts to help detect unusual activity.
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in other words, no surprises. morning. hey, abby.
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all new at 10:00. hearing from the asu student who helped create the catchy t- shirt make arizona great again. we showed you this wednesday night. making it seem like tucson is part of mexico. we'r ended up in the stand tonight. kyle says despite some negative comments online it was meant in good fun. >> it wasn't political at all. we were making light of the situation that was happening with the election. you know, that being said, i think, you know, people took it a lot more seriously when donald trump became elected. >> he's majoring in marketing so a good lesson here.
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looking to book another vacation? cyber monday might be the time. thanks to the slow summer deals promise to be better than ever for airfare and hotels. be on the lookout for flash sales. and don't tell your boss. nearly half of workers say they will shop at work on monday. it's the most wonderful time of year and operation santa claus is a wonderful way >> collecting money, toys, children's clothing, and nonperishable food items. drop off donations at sanderson ford or lincoln, our studios or ups store locations. you can donate from the comfort of your home at >> and remember for every $5 you give you'll get an entry to win a ford or lincoln courtesy of sanderson ford and lincoln. >> i'm going for the truck.
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>> no we're not. but i would go for the truck. >> have the kids do it right? >> no relation at all. the forecast changing up this weekend for a 78 tomorrow. clouds increasing. 60s behind the cold front. breezes picking up. chance for rain sunday into monday.
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??? always thrilling.
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always hitting. always on.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, casey affleck. from "dancing with the stars," laurie hernandez. judge james and music from garth brooks. and now, while we're at it, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: hi, there. welcome. thank you. hi, everybody, i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. it's very, very sweet. i hate to start with bad news


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